Engineers build the bedrock of our games and services.

​​​​​​​Blizzard software engineers create and support the advanced infrastructure that allows us to craft the worlds of our games and that lets millions of fans play together. They distill complex code into straightforward processes that help create content more efficiently and enable increasingly impressive games. Good engineering is all about empowerment—empowering all of Blizzard to tackle huge challenges with the proper tools.

Whether they work on getting art and physics into a game, designing a testing platform (QA), developing a publishing framework (Web), or any other epic engineering task, our programmers continually improve all of our lives. They lay the foundation that makes Blizzard work as a company and help get the things we create into the hands of people all over the world. 
I love how I have the freedom to investigate and deploy leading technologies to help the workflows of our game teams and support them in making the most epic games in the world. I truly feel a sense of satisfaction being able to say I helped create something so awesome.
Daniel M. - Virtualization Engineer
At Blizzard, I'm able to blend the two passions I have in life: solving tough engineering challenges and building great games! I also work with teammates who clearly have the same passions I do and are not ashamed to show their love for all things geeky.
E.G. H. - Lead Engineer
I started in November 2010 at Blizzard, a dream came true and here I’m happy 12 years later, enjoying a fantastic work environment and a great place to be.
Gunnar V., IT Ops Center